A Reminder to Myself

Nothing is perfect at this moment in my life, yet nights like the one that just ended make me see how great it is that I don’t have it all put together. Being “friend-zoned” is not fun, but knowing that that person is there and is a great friend makes it ok. Having a mountain of homework and responsibilities that await for me when I wake up, but my night ending at 3 a.m. makes it all ok right now. When life starts to get overwhelming and I think I am not on the right path, moments like the ones made tonight remind me that I am very lucky. Fortunate to experience new moments with friends and glad to be open minded and willing to accept challenges and spontaneity. I didn’t over think everything, I opened up to new people and I made new memories. Let this night be a message on an imaginary post-it note in my mind, reminding me that in the mists of seemingly chaos, there can be inner peace.


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