A love letter to myself

Recently, I came across this awesome video that really got me thinking about my confidence and how I treat myself. One of the hardest things to do, at least for me, is acknowledge who I am, and how I feel about myself. So, let’s try this thing! (it’s one of those emotional nights and I’m putting off hw).

Dear Vero:

For many reasons, I am proud of you. You set your mind and got to where you wanted to be by putting effort and not sitting around and waiting for things to happen. However, I feel like you should start saying some of the many things that you constantly think, especially in appropriate moments. Like when the time feels right and the setting is good and you have a clear thought of what you want to say, but yet you don’t say it, and then it comes out in red cheeks and a wet pillow. This should stop, not only because it bottles you up, but because others should listen and even if they don’t you should be able to do what songs say and say what you want so say. However much this sounds cliché should not limit you into not doing so. This is perhaps what sets you back the most, and yet makes you who you are. I like that you’re open to meeting new people and new experiences, and this makes you break down that awful barrier every once in a while. You love spontaneity, and great memories have been experienced through being opened to try new things at any given moment. This makes you accept a lot of things, which sometimes is great and others not so much. You let others’ reactions affect you to much. Somebody said something and you think it means something else and then you make this whole story in your head and it gets you down. Please stop over thinking every little thing, your brain and your heart could use a break. But at the same time follow your feelings! Don’t be intimidated by others, for all you know they could be putting on a show. Learn to love who you are inside and out! I know you’ve been working hard on that resolution to workout and it is already noticeable so keep it up! Now let’s keep working on that inside and remind yourself that you are loved. Even if some nights are hard to get through, just look at where you are sleeping! You are were you worked so hard to be!


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