The way I am

Got an insecure mind but I know what I love. See, sometimes what happens is that I over think things. Everything from texting with a guy to raising my hand in class, I over think it. This really dawned on me last weekend while I was surfing for the first time in my life. The friend that was teaching me, casually told me “you seem to be over thinking to much right as you catch a wave, that’s why you’re staying on your knees for to long and take to much time to actually get up.” What an accurate way to describe my life, ugh. I managed to get up on the board a few times, but not nearly as much as I would’ve liked. And that right there seems to be my biggest obstacle, see I try and head for a wave, but then when I have it i doubt myself, I lose confidence, I start comparing, thus over thinking takes over the moment, and sometimes makes it pass and I am just left there floating to find another to catch. I’m afraid if I keep this up I’ll get left behind or stuck.


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