To whatever may come…

Like a song that starts out slow and then halfway through develops into fast percussion and makes you want to dance, 2013 was definitely a song I enjoyed listening to. The only genre I can classify it in is Celtic Salsa. What a mix of unexpected and yet surprisingly wonderful occurrences the last 12 months have brought.
Moving to another city, making new friends, missing new people, coming back home and seeing everything with different eyes, 2013 was life changing. It really was, I have no idea how 2014 will turn out, but if there is one thing that I learned from this year, it’s to work for what you want and just go get it. It is scary, and at times my own laziness got the best of me, but doing things for yourself is the best feeling I’ve encountered.
I can only hope that whatever 2014 brings, makes me strong enough to stand up for myself and yet kind enough to share with others.
Cheers to whatever is coming my way! I welcome you 2014